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Dr Seuss Funko Happy Birthday to You Game

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Funko games always have fun themes from popular movies and TV shows, so they add a little nostalgia to game time. Add a few of these games to your family game night or put some in your gift closet!

Check out these Funko games…

Funko Happy Birthday To You Game

Funko Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You! Game
Only $4.87 (regularly $16.99)

Wake up to the Birthday Bird and travel with him to the wonderful places of Katroo. Collect colorful presents along the way like birthday cake, rockets, flowers, and more! Once the presents are all gone, it’s time to race back to the Birthday Pal-alace for a celebration. Be the first one to arrive and gain bonus stars! If you have the most stars at the end of the game, you win!

Funko Parks & Rec Game

Funko Parks and Recreation Party Game
Only $3.97 (regularly $19.99) – lowest price ever!

In this party game, 3-6 players will work together to complete parks projects, while trying to take all the credit! Play as Leslie, April, Donna, Ron, Tom, or Andy. Plus, each game card in your hand has a hilarious quote from the show.

pop funkoverse space jam 2 strategy game

Took us some time to get the hang of this game but once we figured it out we loved it. Good family fun. Kids enjoy it. Great price.

Disney Mickey and The Beanstalk Game on table

Disney Mickey and The Beanstalk Game
Only $6.65 (regularly $19.99) 

Fun game to play with kids. The artwork is beautiful. The setup of the game is fun and not like a typical board game. My kids love letting the characters slide down the beanstalk. They giggle every time. Love that it is cooperative so it makes for less fighting. Would recommend it to any Disney-loving family, especially those with young kids just learning to play board games.

Funkoverse Squid Game Expansion Pack box with figurine standing in front of it

Funkoverse: Squid Game Strategy Game Expansion 
Only $7.70 (regularly $14.99) – lowest price ever!

Lord your power over the other Squid Game players as the Masked Manager, and investigate the games themselves as the undercover detective Jun-ho. This box includes an exclusive Squid Game Funko Pop! figure with a removable mask.

Girl showing card from the Funko Seinfeld Game

Funko Seinfeld: The Party Game About Nothing
Only $7.83 (regularly $19.99) 

Festivus!! I have: played at my birthday party, Christmas Eve gifting with the big family, Christmas morning after the egg nog, a drinking version on New Year’s Eve, and every party I bring it to, it is a hit. The. Greatest. Game. Ever.

Funko ET Game

E.T. is a really cool game, the story really rings true and it’s very well put together. It is quite difficult to succeed in the mission, as different police cars and cops are constantly on your heels. The materials are of very high quality. The E.T. miniature is too cute!

Funko A Goofy Movie Game

Disney A Goofy Movie Game
Only $13.99 (regularly $23.99)

Funko has done the Disney license proud with the games they have produced but really excelled with this one!! The theming is perfection! From the PowerLine “poster” on the back of the board to the Scrapbook “photos” of Goofy and Max’s trip across the country, everything is right from the movie. The gameplay is easy to pick up, though non-gamers do seem to get thrown off by the turn order as they get used to it. Great family game! Could I have any more exclamation points in this review?!

Godzilla Tokyo Clash

Funko Godzilla Tokyo Clash Board Game
Only $14.19 (regularly $34.99)

We have the bad habit of breaking out a new game late at night when our adult brains are tired and the kiddo’s brain is still buzzing. It takes at least three play-throughs for us to feel like we know what we are doing. That said, this is a great homage to the Godzilla et al. monster movies and a lot of fun. It may even spark an interest in those classic films (like The Horrified Game) and the culture that spawned them. A good game, too, for game schooling (cause-effect, strategy, stealth reading)! Light competitive and dynamic play mechanics. A new favorite.

Back to the Future board game

We bought this for our 8-year-old who is a big Back to the Future fan. Upon opening the game, we were impressed by the quality of the components and artwork. The designers have done a really nice job of balancing the game and making it challenging to win. The mechanics take a while to get used to, the main thing just being the order of things happening during a turn. Admittedly the game is designed for 10 and up but if your child is a strong reader and has patience, this could work for them as well so long as there’s someone a little older to help with the rules. We’re really enjoying the game thus far even though we have yet to win!

Funko The Rocketeer Game

Funko The Rocketeer: Fate of The Future Game
Only $15.93 (regularly $29.99)

This game is a must for Rocketeer fans! This game is beautiful, fun to play, and the strategy needed to play this game keeps it interesting. The only negative is that it’s only for two players! I would love to have a version of this where it’s for four to six players. now the hardest thing left to do is wait for your turn to play.

Funkoverse Universal Monsters Strategy Game with figurines, cards and dice

Funkoverse: Universal Monsters Strategy Game
Only $14.44 (regularly $39.99) – lowest price ever!

Funkoverse Harry Potter Game

Funkoverse: Harry Potter Strategy Game
Only $18.90 (regularly $39.99)

Easy to get started. You are walked through how to play a round and introduced to the game mechanics as you go. After you learn to play there are a ton of combinations of characters, maps, objectives, etc. to keep things fun. Each full game and even the expansions come with additional play areas, items, and characters. I play Gloomhaven and this was a great way to get family members who are casual players interested in this style of gameplay.

Funko Rear Window Game

Funko Games Rear Window Game
Only $18.99 (regularly $34.99) 

I was surprised at how much fun we had with this game! It’s complex enough to interest seasoned board gamers and easy enough to teach to engage new ones. The theme is well done, it’s quick to learn and teach, and the mechanic is very enjoyable. I was the director of the first game, and I was positive it was going to be too easy, but then trying to learn to communicate with a random hand of cards and not giving away any hints with your expressions? It’s a great challenge!

Funko Big Thunder Mountain Game

Funko Disney Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Game
Only $21.49 (regularly $29.99) 

Fun family game! We played with four adults and the strategy can get intense. I would best describe it as similar to ticket-to-ride, but with only a straight track and marbles that add an element of chance. We had to watch the 9-minute video to learn the rules and at first, it was intimidating, but we did get the hang of it. The key seems to be getting town shares to win. Spinning out the marbles did get a little frustrating as they did not always get pulled easily. The theming was great and good nods to the ride. 

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